Readers' Favorite
Gold Medal Winner

When dark sorcery threatens the earth, a young elf must find the horn that sang the world into existence.
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The Sylvan Horn

Readers' Favorite
Gold Medal Winner

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"The Sylvan Horn by Robert Redinger is one
of those books that I love to introduce to my
kids. Not only is it a story that they can sink
into and fall in love with (and read again and
again) but it is phenomenally well-written.
It engages them to something I believe is
almost more important than reading –
imagination. That this is just the first book in a
series – The Sylvan Chord – is simply a bonus,
because once the kids are hooked on a
series, they tend to keep wanting more.

The Sylvan Horn, a Readers Favorite 2010
Gold Medal winner, takes readers to another
world, full of elves and sorcerers and druids
and featuring a young Elf hero named Efkin,
who, along with his friends must save the
world. The story is great, but the writing is
pure magic. It has a lyrical quality that pulls
the reader in and doesn’t let go ... I highly
recommend this book ... "

Shadra Bruce

"Redinger takes us on an exciting adventure,
which immerses you into the Braey world ...
His fast paced storytelling keeps you on the
edge of your seat ...

The Sylvan Horn is beautifully written. The story
transports us to a parellel universe, a place
of elves, of fantastical creatures and evil
sorcery, of bravery and quests.

If you enjoy fantasy ... then this is the book
for you, if you can manage to tear it away from
the teens or your partner."

Kate Campbell

"I liked that the Sylvan Horn has strong moral
themes such as standing up in the face of
adversity, taking risks for the right, and
pushing oneself through tough obstacles."

Rebecca Presnall

"Robert Redinger does an amazing job
writing this story and keeping the story
floating from one page to the next."

Miranda Sherman

"We’ve been reading the book as a family.
We turn off all of the lights in the living
room, with the exception of one small lamp
for the reader, and take turns reading each
chapter. The dimmed lights add to the mystery.
It’s also really entertaining when my husband
reads due to his fantastic character voices.

The Sylvan Horn is filled with fun – elves, trolls,
magic, mystery… We’ve really enjoyed it and
can’t wait to read the next book in the series.
All of the teens and tweens in my extended
family will be receiving this book for Christmas.
It’s really that good!"

Amanda Shoemaker

"This book won the 2010 Readers Favorite Award.
It's well-written and is a great read-aloud for
families and for the classroom."

Dianna Gardenhour

"The book is descriptively written to bring each
element of the story to life for the reader.
It is very enjoyable."


"The storyline is interesting ... It’s easy to get
immersed in this other world and fly through
the pages. The Sylvan Horn will appeal to
older kids and adults. If your family enjoys
reading together, this is a fun book to
read out loud as a group."

Valerie Mitchell

"Fantasy is very popular in this house.
I would have to say that at least half
of the books that the older girls read
are fantasy books. So when I got the
chance to review, I took it.

This is Book 1 of a series called
The Sylvan Chord, and I am very
much looking forward to the second
book. I really liked the character Efkin,
and was eager to find out what happens
with him throughout this book. The girls
enjoyed it also, of course, and I think
that the Bookworm is getting ready to
read it a second time."

Stacie Bass

"Elves and Trolls, Kings and Queens!
Just some of the wonders that can be
found in this book!

I love mythical books with adventures
and saving the world. As soon as I
read the first page I was taken away
on the journey of Efkin as he sets out
to destroy the hidden Runes before it
destroys everything he knows and loves!

At times it is hard for me to get into
fantasy books. It is hard to be an
accomplished writer in this genera as
you have to have skills and talent to
truly capture the attention of your
reader. It's that way for me anyway!

I find that Robert Redinger was truly
one of the few that I was able to read
and enjoy! I love his style of writing and
as soon as I started to read this book
I was instantly hooked and could not wait
to read more! I wanted to know what was
around the next corner and enjoyed
reading the tales of each of the characters!"

Krista Whisner

"Adventure, magic, elves, battles, and certainly
enough page turning to excite the interest
of all who love fantasy. I enjoyed reading
it myself so much that now I’m anxious to
find the second of the series on the shelves
when it comes out. This 2010 Readers Favorite
Award Winner will get the adventure juices
flowing in your young reader to be sure!"

Deborah Sloan

"Robert Redinger brings to life some truly
fantastic characters that transport you to
another world. The writing and story-line are
very creative and poetic. This book definitely
has a different style from a lot of the
mainstream young adult books. If you love
fantasy novels, then you are sure to love
The Sylvan Horn as well!"

Brooke Hassell

"With each turn of the page it captures your
attention and you anxiously await turning
the next page to find out what happens."

Tamra Augostino

"I have come across a book that has
become a quick favorite in our house.
... This book is a great fantasy read."

Joie Betterly

"... I can see great potential in this series
and would love to continue reading to
find out the final outcome of Efkin and
his quest of the Sylvan Chord."

Jennifer Chatham

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